Zero Latency at BOSS VR Arena

Experiential Marketing

In February 2022, Cleveland got a sneak peek at the area’s first “free roam” virtual reality arena. Zero Latency at BOSS VR Arena premiered as one of only 11 VR gaming arenas in the U.S. The gaming experience features up to eight participants wearing a proprietary headset and backpack, and they are free to move and explore within a strategically designed arena.

Zero Latency at BOSS VR Arena tapped Sweeney to elevate this revolutionary gaming technology by engaging media and influencers in a virtual world unlike any other.

Going Beyond
the News Release

Zero Latency at BOSS VR Arena offers an innovative experience that’s hard to explain. Sweeney encouraged key media contacts to get out of the newsroom and into the VR arena to experience the game first-hand. The results? Earned media coverage that told the true awesomeness of this brand-new technology.

“Often VR is relegated to a tiny room in an amusement center or a solitary space at home. This is a bit different.”

“Most people have some idea of virtual reality, but they’ve never been able to experience it without a group and without wires… You can wander and walk through that space unimpeded. The system immerses you completely into the game.”
Cleveland Business Journal

“It’s a ‘free roam arena scale virtual reality battle room’ where you can test your skills. Fox 8’s Kenny Crumpton put on a pair of virtual goggles and gave it a try.”

“Ever try to play a VR game while moving around a small room trying to avoid the family pet? Or the obstacle course that chairs, tables and lamps are? (Try not to stub your toe). Plus, we’ve all seen the videos of people letting their friends use a VR headset for the first time and it somehow always ends up with a broken television or computer monitor. Zero Latency has a solution for that. And it’s much bigger than your living room or office.”

“There are very few times in life when you get to experience things for the first time.”
FreshWater Cleveland

Buzz with
Influencer Engagement

Sweeney conducted research and targeted outreach to secure trendy Cleveland influencers bold enough to step into the VR arena.

“I say no to a lot more than I say yes. I’m super selective. I was blown away by my experience, and I don’t say that easily.”
— Crystal from Eat Drink Cleveland | 7.3K followers

“We had a blast at Boss! It was great meeting Brad and his team and their Zero Latency room was so fun!! Thanks so much again for setting this up.”
— Taylor from Cozy in Cle | 10K followers

“It was such a blast! I can’t wait to hopefully work together again in the future!”
— Channing from Channing Couture | 11.2K followers

“Thanks for reaching out about it! We had SUCH a fun time! Brad, Lee, Shay we’re so kind and accommodating! My brother already scheduled his birthday party to be there in March!”
— Sydnee from WaysToCooke | 21.6K followers

“That was so much fun! Tell Brad we’ll be back and he was an EXCELLENT host!”
Melissa Mandula | 11K followers


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I appreciate the care and thoughtfulness with which Sweeney has represented us. It is unique for me to hand over our reputation to outside support, but I felt immediately comfortable doing so with Sweeney.”

Brad Copley,
Owner, President, BOSS

Sweeney makes our job so much easier to talk about BOSS and know we’re sending people to an amazing experience. Thank you so much for thinking of The Cleveland Bucket List.”

The Cleveland & Akron Bucket List Team