Is the Instagram Post the New Poster?

Beginning as early as the 1800s, the poster has played a fundamental role in societal communication. To the layman, the cultural significance of this visual tool has somewhat flown under the radar — after all, if designed well, the audience will focus on message rather than method — but over time, it has taken on a life of its own, transcending its original purpose by being considered and collected as art. Not only has the poster acted as a key medium for advertising, news, and even propaganda (good or bad), but it has also influenced our actual approach to storytelling and visual communication, compelling early pioneers of graphic design to “perfect it” as “the most effective tool for communication.” After such a long run, the poster as we know it may be heading toward obsolescence. Today, in an era where social media is our bulletin board, has the Instagram post become the new poster?

We’ve collected some examples of classic poster categories from eras past, side-by-side with their Instagram counterparts of today.

1. The Gig Poster

Woodstock Poster design compared with Governor's Ball Instagram Post Design

Left: Woodstock Music Festival Poster created by Arnold Skolnick, 1969
Right: Governor’s Ball Music Festival Instagram Post, 2020 (< click to view animation!)

2. The Political/Activism Recruitment Poster

Uncle Sam Poster Compared with Women's March Instagram Post

Left: “I Want You” Uncle Sam Poster created by James Montgomery Flagg, 1917
Right: Women’s March Instagram Post, 2019

3. The Brand Advertisement Poster

Budweiser Poster compared with Budweiser Instagram Post

Left: Ed McMahon for Budweiser Poster, 1978
Right: Budweiser Instagram Post, 2019

As our communication methods evolve, it’s natural to wonder what traditions we might lose along the way. Will the creativity, artistry and craft infused in posters of the past transfer to this new platform? Will a small area of pixels displayed in the palm of our hands be enough space to invest in intricate grid structures and meticulous typographic finesse?

It’s difficult to imagine an Instagram image could become as infamous as the Woodstock poster. On the other hand, it’s possible the iconic image of Uncle Sam “pointing” became a meme long before social media became popular. So, who’s to say this new approach to “poster design” should limit us? Some designers have already expanded the possibilities of social media poster design by adding kinetic features among the otherwise static layout, bringing this old-fashioned medium to life once again.

Olivia Hiles

Senior Art Director

Olivia leads the Sweeney creative team with an eight-year history of agency experience and an education from the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design (DAAP). She specializes in identity and brand communications, having contributed to work for Verizon Wireless, Whole Foods, P&G, and more. Olivia’s approach to design places a strong priority on objectivity and intentionality, achieving optimal audience communication based on scientifically backed visual principles. She applies an unwavering standard of quality to the creative team’s work, with high expectations for both concept and craft. Olivia prides herself in her ability to empower teammates to do their best work, and her determination to push creative work to its ultimate potential.