Listen Up! Inspiring Podcasts for Female Marketers & Creatives

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge women in marketing and design who are leaning in, juggling personal and professional lives, further breaking the cracking glass ceiling, and following their passion. If you are one of these women, we see you!

When you’re living a balancing act every day, we often desire but have little time for inspiration, relaxation, and education. One potential solution to address all three of those needs is by listening to podcasts. Tuning into a podcast is a great way to start your day because it is convenient, portable, easy to consume, and makes information relevant and intimate.

Below you will find some of the top podcasts featuring women supporting women (something we can get behind). #GirlPower

For the Entrepreneurial Spirit

“What are the secrets behind some of the most successful women in the world? Each week, designer Rebecca Minkoff talks to women from all walks of life, from CEOs to artists, to help you navigate what it means to be vulnerable, how loss can make you stronger, and other ways to make your inner superwoman shine.”

Listen here.

For the Creative

Being Boss®
“Being Boss® is an exploration of not only what it means, but what it takes to be boss as a creative business owner, freelancer, or side-hustler. Host Emily Thompson explores the mindsets, habits, and tactics of harnessing your creative ambitions and embracing the adventure of starting and growing your own business so that you can make money doing work you love.”

Listen here.

For the Supermom

Best of Both Worlds

“Love your career? Love your family? Best of Both Worlds is the show for you! Hosts Laura Vanderkam, author of I Know How She Does It and a mom of four, and Sarah Hart-Unger, a practicing physician, blogger, and mom of three, discuss work/life balance, career development, parenting, time management, productivity, and making time for fun.”

Listen here.

Bonus! (Just In Case You Want More)

The Broad Experience

“British-American journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte explores race, culture, glass ceilings, and women in the workplace in her award-winning podcast. Through thoughtful discussion, influential guests, and personal stories, Milne-Tyte explores why many women, though ambitious, don’t quite reach their full potential in their careers—and how the topic of motherhood influences that.”

Listen here.

Rebecca Wrenn

Director of Client Services and Operations

Rebecca joined Sweeney in 2014 as an account executive and subsequently shifted roles in 2016 to support the agency leadership team in successfully establishing a highly effective, full-service creative capability, including branding, design, and video production services. In 2020, she pivoted once again to take on a senior account leadership role while simultaneously leading agency operations. With nearly a decade of strategic marketing, communications and creative experience, Rebecca currently directs several agency account teams, while also managing critical aspects of agency’s operations. Her deep knowledge of the account management process and her high creative aptitude are an exceptional benefit to the agency and its clients.