How to Keep Up with the Digital Marketing Space: Conference Edition

Last month, I attended the 2019 Internet Summit Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina with a fellow coworker. Digital marketing as we know has made a notable impact in the marketing industry and continues to change daily. However, brands who have embraced digital, like Wendy’s and their social media, continue to show results and prove why you should not be the last one to hop on this bandwagon.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has infiltrated even traditional public relations and media tactics since now most people interact and see news online – usually in the palm of their hand. Content marketing and influencer campaigns  have become increasingly important in securing brands’ customers and sales. Email marketing and social media are still very relevant, but brands need to recognize how to change their approach in order to reach their different audiences and keep their attention.

Key Takeaways from Internet Summit 2019

Below are some of the key takeaways for marketing professionals about the digital space:

Email marketing is still relevant. However, your process needs to be updated. We all know that consumers experience information overload (especially during the holiday season), but there are some ways brands can cut through the clutter. For example, make sure your team is creating emails not only for desktop but more importantly for mobile phones. Research shows that almost half of all emails (47%) are opened on a mobile device. And if that email doesn’t “look good” on their phone, eighty percent of people will delete that email.

Influencers are a disputed tactic. We have seen influencer campaigns grow extremely fast with the rise of social media. Influencers can be celebrities to everyday people, like Subaru did with their #MeetAnOwner campaign. However, brands need to outline their goal before deciding if an influencer would be a beneficial marketing tactic. This includes identifying your audience, the channels that audience frequents and what message are you trying to get across to those individuals. This year alone, companies have spent $4-8 billion dollars on influencers. With these kinds of numbers, marketers need to be sure that they are following up with the influencer for results of the campaign and measuring the metrics.

Social media is an influential tool. Social media when used correctly can help you not only reach your customers but bring them into the conversation. At the conference, social media was also discussed as being used as a measurement of your audience’s engagement including analyzing what kind of emojis are most used with your brand. The use of emojis by consumers can show what attitude audience displays to your brand, influencing your next campaign strategy.

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Hollyn Page

With a keen focus on results, Hollyn is a passionate account supervisor with expertise in research, branding development, media relations, content writing, project and event management, influencer strategy and more. During her time at Sweeney, she has worked directly with some of our most dynamic clients, including Acuity Brands and Atlantic Union Bank. She has a master’s in communication information with a concentration in public relations and is certified in Google Analytics.