Brands Shifting Their Marketing Focus

As 2022 continues to fly by, big brands are shifting their marketing strategy to target different audiences. In a year of both conflict and innovation, brands you know well are implementing new marketing efforts around their brand’s target market to better fit current trends. What brands are refocusing and what does it mean for the industry? 


Everyone knows the golden arch in all its glory as red and yellow is seen in practically every town across America. Throughout history, McDonald’s has focused on kids with Ronald McDonald being the face of the brand. They were known for having kids’ meals that came in the infamous cardboard box and original locations have playgrounds. 

In 2022 however, McDonald’s has changed its mission and is zeroing in on low-income families. McDonald’s is an affordable option with their menu featuring $1 choices, as well as new, healthier options. They plan to use these options to give lower-income families a reliable source of food that doesn’t have to revolve around their unhealthy yet famous Big Mac and French fries. 


If you hadn’t heard already, Dunkin’ Donuts changed its name along with their audience. Its original slogan, “America Runs on Dunkin,” targeted office workers who could quickly grab a coffee and a donut on their way to work.  

Recently, Dunkin’ no longer makes office workers their primary focus as they have switched to more of a trending, lifestyle brand. When you walk into a store, you can find shelves of merchandise and expanded drink options including matcha and lattes. 

They’ve also taken to TikTok to utilize sponsorships with influencers, one being Charli D’Amelio who has a whopping 79.9 million followers. Their plan seems to be working; Dunkin’ sales have grown 5% in the last year alone according to Quality Logo Products. 

Mountain Dew 

As indicated in the name, this popular pop was originally marketed to mountain people. In their early advertisements, you could see images of mountains, cliff diving, and anything “earthy.” The name itself came from the creators who named it based off the slang term for “moonshine” which, as we all know, is popular in Appalachian Mountains region. 

Due to its large caffeine content, the brand sets a lot of its budget towards marketing to gamers recently. According to YPulse, they launched their Game Fuel drink back in 2019 where marketed the drink as a drink made for gamers as it could “increase alertness.” Their plan worked! 

What This Means 

Brands need to evolve and adapt. As society changes, so does brand dynamics and audience. A brand should always be trying to reach a new audience and growing awareness by being keenly aware of changing cultural shifts. 

Courtland Bartosik

Marketing Intern

Courtland is a freshman at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursing a degree in Media and Journalism with a minor in Data Science.