How to Implement A Simple Social Media Survey to Drive Marketing Strategy

Often times as marketers we have to move forward with campaigns without critical information because there is no time or money for research. But the Sweeney team is pretty industrious. In situations where we are missing key information, we use simple Google Forms or Survey Monkey surveys to secure critical data that supports the campaign planning process.

Recently, we were tapped to help launch a new smart home product. Two critical questions we had during the strategic planning process included: Where do consumers learn about new smart home technology? Who do consumers consider the most reliable sources on new smart home technology? Within a few hours, we crafted an audit in Google Forms and had employees share the survey link on their social media accounts. We did sweeten the incentive for family and friends to participate with a few $50 Amazon gift cards.

Within 24 hours we secured 205 responses and some excellent insight.

  • Almost 70% of the participants are interested in creating a smart home environment.
  • Top smart home technologies consumers already have in their homes included: thermostats, smart light bulbs and smoke detectors.
  • Top places consumers go to learn about new home technology included: social media; internet/media; blogs; reviews and family/friends.
  • The most reliable sources on new technology included: consumer reports/reviews; tech publications; family/friends; Google and Amazon and the product brand website.

While all the insight was useful, the golden nuggets came from the open-ended question we asked about what specific blogs/media outlets/websites consumers go to for smart home technology reviews. We generated a list of specific media, websites and blogs to target that we felt confident would help make a significant impact with immediate brand building.

Through our publicity and media relations efforts announcing the new product, we landed a dedicated article in Tech Crunch. This one article alone generated significant website traffic to the product’s landing page and hundreds of email inquiries. Since the product was not yet available to the consumer marketplace, sales were not a primary goal.

This one case study continues to prove quantity is not as important as quality when it comes to earned media. The right influencers – whether it’s one or a combination of social influencer, a website, blog or media outlet – can provide a significant return on investment. By simply asking your target audiences the right questions, even if it’s informally, you can help lay the foundation for the right strategies.

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Jennifer Manocchio


After starting her career with Edelman in Chicago, Jennifer joined Sweeney and quickly established herself as an exceptional industry innovator. In 2004, she opened Sweeney’s first full-service office outside of Cleveland and quickly rose through the ranks to become agency president. Jen leads by example and without fear. She has been critical to agency growth throughout the past decade and continues to lead the agency into the future.