Are In-Person Meetings With Media Still Valuable? 3 Reasons Why The Answer Is “Yes”.

The media and public relations professionals have separate goals, but are required to work together to achieve them. Media aim to provide relevant news to their audiences, while PR professionals have the goal of securing coverage for their client. We know that by working together, media and PR professionals create a mutually beneficial relationship. Although the goals of both the media and PR professionals have not changed, how we achieve these goals today are different. These changes are not only due to the advancement of technology including increased use of email, but also with the shortage of reporters in the media industry. So, the question asked is meeting with media in person still relevant? We say yes, it is. Here’s why.

Face to Face Meetings Strengthen Relationships

Creating a relationship with media is imperative for public relations professionals who aim to secure media coverage for a client. Speaking with media over the phone lays a foundation but nothing compares to securing in person meetings and getting face time for the client with media. In our most recent media tour for the client, print media was very receptive of in person meetings and proved to be valuable in securing coverage.

Immediate Results

On this media tour, our client was able to secure immediate coverage of a story and also secure future coverage immediately. Not only did these meetings create a solid relationship, it provided media with news and coverage for the client with a quick turnaround.


By meeting media in person, it allowed us to improve upon relationships formed over the phone the past few months by giving a local reporter an exclusive jump on coverage of a story. This proved to be a positive step in the direction of maintaining and furthering the relationship between the client and the media contact.

Hollyn Page

With a keen focus on results, Hollyn is a passionate account supervisor with expertise in research, branding development, media relations, content writing, project and event management, influencer strategy and more. During her time at Sweeney, she has worked directly with some of our most dynamic clients, including Acuity Brands and Atlantic Union Bank. She has a master’s in communication information with a concentration in public relations and is certified in Google Analytics.