3 Clever Ways to Bring Your Brand to the Thanksgiving Table

The holidays are just around the corner and, like Santa’s elves, marketing teams around the globe are busy implementing both long-awaited and last-minute holiday campaign plans. But, unlike the elves, we have Thanksgiving to focus on before “the big show” in December. Thanksgiving marketing can be a challenge — the flood of competition for the spotlight and the years of tradition make it difficult to be seen, let alone be original. Having your brand appear on a float at the Macy’s Day Parade or in Black Friday commercials aren’t the only ways to get noticed on Turkey Day, and you don’t have to be a food brand either. Here are three clever ways to bring your brand to the Thanksgiving table.


1. Write a Song

For a holiday centering around abundance, Thanksgiving is ironically starved for holiday music. The airwaves are wide open for new tunes, with Ben Rector and early-Christmas music appearing to be the only competition. This is a great opportunity for brands to contribute to the festivities and become a staple in every household. Find a creative way to plug your product in the lyrics, or film a music video with a subtle product placement. The possibilities are endless.


2. Become a Part of a Holiday Tradition

Consider your target audience: hosts who need to keep large groups of people entertained while they stuff the Turkey and orchestrate the oven schedule. This is an opportunity for brands to immerse themselves in group activities families can look forward to year after year. “Minute to Win It” — a gameshow-turned-family-activity is popular at holiday gatherings because it’s easy for hosts to organize, and fun for guests. Brands from Oreo to Solo Cup, are already go-tos, so there is plenty of room for ideas with new household staples to join the list of challenges! If not joining a longstanding family-favorite, brands can invent new traditions as well — perhaps a scavenger hunt with your product in the mix, a specialized game of charades, or a branded picture frame with years of family memories.


3. Create a Freebie

Sometimes your investment doesn’t need to be an ad buy — you can simply gift your loyal customers (or promising prospects) a branded freebie, and they’ll welcome your company into their holiday plans with open arms. Consider a branded coloring book for the kids’ table, or a set of decorative name cards as a “thank you” gift from your company. A “gratitude tree” with a subtle nod to your brand would keep all guests entertained and double as coveted decor year after year.


Olivia Hiles

Senior Art Director

Olivia leads the Sweeney creative team with an eight-year history of agency experience and an education from the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design (DAAP). She specializes in identity and brand communications, having contributed to work for Verizon Wireless, Whole Foods, P&G, and more. Olivia’s approach to design places a strong priority on objectivity and intentionality, achieving optimal audience communication based on scientifically backed visual principles. She applies an unwavering standard of quality to the creative team’s work, with high expectations for both concept and craft. Olivia prides herself in her ability to empower teammates to do their best work, and her determination to push creative work to its ultimate potential.