The Yube Cube

At Sweeney we get the opportunity to launch some really cool consumer products. The Yube certainly falls into that category.

What’s a Yube? Yube is a new personalized furniture system featuring modular cubes that easily assemble into virtually any furniture design. You can configure, build and decorate a layout to suit your personal taste using Yube’s flexible building-block system to create tables, desks, shelves, room-dividers and any piece the user can devise.

What’s the Cool Factor? You can completely personalize your Yube structures. Build anything you can image and also develop custom doors using personal photos.

What Makes It Ecofriendly? Being almost edible, the Yube outer panels are made from Sugarcane, only someone got there first to extract the sweet juice. Rather than burn the remaining fiber as waste, it is pulped for reuse and pressed into Yube panels.

The frames of the Yube are made from Woodlite, a proprietary compound of non-toxic moldable plastic mixed with Bamboo, the planet’s fastest growing renewable wood resource. Woodlite utilizes 20-30% less non-renewable resources than similarly molded products.

What Are Media & Bloggers Saying? Yube just launched in early January. So we are still hard at work securing media and blogger coverage. But you can check out some preliminary coverage here:

Star Tribune

Mom of 2 Dancers (Mommy Blog)

Natural Home Magazine

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Jennifer Manocchio


After starting her career with Edelman in Chicago, Jennifer joined Sweeney and quickly established herself as an exceptional industry innovator. In 2004, she opened Sweeney’s first full-service office outside of Cleveland and quickly rose through the ranks to become agency president. Jen leads by example and without fear. She has been critical to agency growth throughout the past decade and continues to lead the agency into the future.