What Do Hulk Hogan and Billy Mays Have in Common?

Next week a commercial for a new line of pumice-based cleaning products (PumMax) featuring Hulk Hogan as the spokesperson will be released online. The spot is scheduled to launch as a preview on www.pummax.com and www.IBCGlobalInc.com early next week, and is expected to begin airing on TV the following week.

I’ll review the commercial early next week and provide my reactions on next week’s post.

In the meantime, I was conducting some research on PumMax, but couldn’t find anything online about the new product or manufacturer. Nonetheless, I’m not quite sure what the Hulk has in common with pumice-based cleaning products or how the key purchasers of cleaning products – women – will react.

Sure you can argue that Billy Mays didn’t have a connection with women, but his ability to sell is what made him one of the best pitchmen on direct response TV. Plus, Billy looks like a hard working, personable guy that would help his wife around the house. So it was very believable.

The Hulk’s credibility lies with wrestling fans not Susie Homemaker. In my opinion, the Hulk will never compare to Billy Mays and I’m doubtful PumMax will be the next OxiClean.

Jennifer Manocchio


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