Tide’s 1st Bilingual Commercial Gets Mixed Reviews

This morning I saw Tide’s new bilingual commercial for the first time, and was interested to see how the Hispanic community was responding to it. The commercial has been airing since September 2012, yet continues to receive feedback on YouTube.


Comments from Tide’s YouTube page include:

“After seeing this commercial, I will never purchase the product again.”

“Just get to the point in English.”

“I LOVE this spot (no pun intended). This is a fact of life. Join the 21st Century and understand that the world is changing.”

“These are awesome! Nevermind the racist bafoons who think “America” means white. It’s about damn time major advertisers started bothering to treat more Americans like humans.”

A recent post on LatinoRebels.com agrees the ad was well done.

“… it totally reflects a true bilingual and bicultural family. The abuela is also a bit hip, and come on, how many of you remember having to translate for your family?”

The ad is certainly soliciting feedback among consumers, but I’m sure Tide did its homework with its target audience to ensure it was well received among all Americans. After all, if people are talking about the ad, Tide did its job.

Jennifer Manocchio


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