The Coach Experience

Below is an overview of the Coach retail experience from before, during and after the purchase.  I do not touch on the specifics of the Coach product as most women would agree the bags are excellent products.

While in Chicago with my husband, I get the urge to purchase a Coach bag. Walking into the Coach store with money to burn is every woman’s dream.

The Purchase

The latest addition to my purse collection
The latest addition to my purse collection

The Consumer Perspective

Before we could step 2 feet into the Coach store a sales associate was already welcoming us and striking up a conversation.  Another 2 feet… the same thing, different associate.  Up the stairs and low and behold is another sales associate.  These Coach employees don’t leave you alone and they jump at the opportunity to bring you a bag.  I couldn’t decide if this was great customer service or just plain annoying.  What sealed the deal for me was the hand written thank you note I got in the mail for my purchase.  Wow… I was impressed.

The Marketing Professional Perspective

Walking into the Coach store is a very positive brand experience.  Everything from the store design to the customer service representatives’ talking points, attire and locations throughout store is thoroughly planned and executed.  The handwritten note is an excellent strategy for making a customer feel special and continue to communicate the brand after the customer has left the store.  Coach definitely succeeds in communicating its brand before, during and after the sales process.  However, I am not sure this remains consistent with department store or online purchases since I have not had a personal experience.

Jennifer Manocchio


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