Is Your Page Optimized for the Right Place, Right Time?

is your page optimizedHow many great stories are simply attributed to someone being in the right place, at the right time? Thousands of lives have been saved because someone just so happened to walk by, and generations of families exist because two people met with perfect timing. The same fact of life can be applied to website page optimization and successful conversion rates. When it comes to ranking your content on the populated highway of Internet traffic, it’s all about being in the right place, at the right time.

There are four obstacles to overcome or goals to achieve in order to create conversions. Whether a conversion means downloads or purchases, the ultimate goal is to lead a user down the conversion path successfully.

  1. Rank.

    We’ve all heard the daunting metrics by now that if you’re not ranking on the first page of Google, you might as well pack your bags and head home. A ranking is the first and most crucial obstacle to overcome. In order to rank, you must have high search visibility and low keyword difficulty (the perfect recipe). If you’re having trouble ranking it could be because the competition is too strong, or you’re ranking for the wrong keyword. Check out another blog from our Moz series that looks at keywords in-depth.

  2. Click.

    Now that there’s a chance people may find your content because you’re ranking high, you need them to click-through to your site. You can increase your chances of winning the click, by optimizing page attributes that will attract users to your site. Create compelling page titles and meta-descriptions to entice users to visit your site over the competitors. If you’re ranking successfully on Google, but are failing to see high click-through rates, your title tags or meta descriptions are falling short or SERP features are preventing your content from being seen.

  3. Visit.

    A high bounce rate translates as a death sentence for your bottom line. Once you have people clicking through to your site, you must deliver content that is unique, relevant and engaging to the audience. You not only want people to visit your site, you want their duration to be longer than a few seconds, and you want them visiting multiple pages on your site. Anything above the 3-minute mark is a healthy site duration. If users are clicking through to your site but immediately bouncing, you can assume your load speed is longer than 2 seconds, your content isn’t relevant or is misaligned with the user’s search intent or the user experience is generally poor.

  4. Link.

    Ok, you’ve got this far, now what? Your target audience found you on Google, they clicked through to your site and they found the content useful or relevant. Now we want them to share their findings and help build our site authority. Backlinks and shared articles serve as endorsements to your site and lead to more conversions! If people aren’t sharing your content, be sure you have easily accessible share buttons on the site and be always looking for an opportunity for link outreach.


By achieving these four optimization goals, you will lead your target audience closer to completing conversions. Stay tuned for other blogs from our Moz SEO boot camp or take a look back at our SEO blog series:

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