How To Successfully Implement An Influencer Campaign

The marketing industry has changed drastically and continues to each day, especially with the development of new technology and how people use it. Marketers and companies have utilized TV, radio and the internet to sell new products for years, but when social media joined these channels, the game was changed. Normal people became “influencers,” creating a base of followers reviewing products and giving opinions. Marketers quickly learned that utilizing these self-made spokespeople to promote different products resulted in spending less money (on certain occasions) than a full-force advertising campaign.

With so many influencers out there, here are some tips on how to successfully identify, create and implement an influencer campaign for a new product launch:

  • Identify your target audience. Are you selling the product to the mom who works full time and juggles soccer practice and ballet? Or is it the college student who is buying books for their first semester? This first step allows you to narrow down not only who you want to target but will help identify which influencers they identify with and will relate to the best. If the influencer is not the right fit for your target audience, the campaign will not be successful.
  • Research. Now that you have identified the space your target audience is in, focus on finding the thought leaders in that space among influencers. There are different measurements you can use to see if an influencer is the right fit, including how many social followers do they have, what previous products have they promoted and how often do they engage their followers on social media or a blog.
  • Connect. Be sure to personalize your message to each influencer based on what you found in your research. First, gauge the influencer’s interest in your product by sending them a brief description and overview. You want to be sure that the influencer believes in your product and has a real interest to be authentic to their followers. Second, keep them engaged throughout the process and send updates on specifics such as launch timeline or product price.
  • Outline deliverables. Make sure to list out exactly what you expect from the influencer, including reviews, number of social or blog posts on specific channels, product testing, etc. However, it can also be helpful to let them know you can offer customizable plans and work with the influencer to achieve the best results.
  • Compensate. Be sure to ask for the influencer’s personal media kit and clarify their price range to ensure it’s workable in your budget before proceeding. If not, ask if they would be willing to participate in return for a free product or can be flexible with certain deliverables.

Influencers allow marketers to utilize a unique channel to reach their target audience, while engaging both them and potential buyers. Is your company launching a new product and need help creating an influencer campaign? Reach out to at to get started or learn more about our influencer efforts at

Hollyn Page

With a keen focus on results, Hollyn is a passionate account supervisor with expertise in research, branding development, media relations, content writing, project and event management, influencer strategy and more. During her time at Sweeney, she has worked directly with some of our most dynamic clients, including Acuity Brands and Atlantic Union Bank. She has a master’s in communication information with a concentration in public relations and is certified in Google Analytics.