Gold’s Gym Attempts Cankle Busting

Just today Gold’s gym launched a new membership drive campaign – Say No To Cankles. One of the ads states “Friends don’t let friends get cankles.”
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According to the campaign’s microsite ( “Millions of people across the country are currently affected by Cankles and millions more are “at risk.” In fact, it is estimated that if current trends continue, by the year 2012 Cankles will surpass Love Handles as the number one aesthetic affliction in the world.”


I’m sure this is all light-hearted fun, but where did these stats come from? And most importantly, this campaign is a bit offensive. If I had cankles or was overweight, I certainly wouldn’t be joining Gold’s Gym because I would fear people there would look at my cankles, love handles, saddle bags, muffin tops or moobs.

Also, if I refer a friend… will he or she think he or she has cankles?

As a committed Gold’s Gym member, I think this campaign is a bit over the top. It will definitely catch people’s attention, but I’m not convinced it will drive membership.

Jennifer Manocchio


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