Find fulfillment in your newsfeed: Instagram accounts worth following

Last week on Instagram several of us from Team Sweeney shared ways that we continue to hone our professional skills. While September has been deemed “Self-Improvement Month,” I think we can all agree that it’s an ongoing endeavor.

And while the thought of that might sound daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes just small adjustments to your daily routine can make a real difference over time.

That was the essence behind my answer, which is that I have been spending my time on social media channels more deliberately, particularly since the start of the pandemic, to help stay connected to my industry and peers while gaining outside perspective and inspiration.

On Instagram specifically, I did a little housekeeping and cleaned up the list of those I follow so my feed would be filled with things that make me wonder, reflect, learn, and of course, smile.

And there is no shortage of such accounts in the worlds of marketing and professional development. So, digging into my answer a little deeper, here are a few of the accounts that check those boxes for me:

A trusted career resource helping women be more fulfilled, healthy and successful at work. Daily tips help inspire you to be the best version of your professional self.

No doubt there’s a lot that a marketer can learn from this CRM platform, and that includes its social channels. HubSpot’s Instagram is full of compelling charts, insightful data and thought-provoking creative – it’s worth a follow from anyone in the industry.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s channel motivates, informs and celebrates entrepreneurs. A daily dose of these stories might be just the inspiration you need to bring your next big idea to life.

Here, you’ll find content on everything from personal branding to professional development, with a practical and down-to-earth approach.

The “global authority for color communication and inspiration” must deliver on a platform like Instagram – and it does. The feed is a showcase of artists and creatives and will no doubt be the most colorful rabbit hole you’ll ever go down.

Following these accounts (and many others!) has helped make the time I spend scrolling even more fulfilling – personally and professionally. I’ll double tap to that!


Lisa Pocci

Vice President

Lisa is a marketing and communications industry veteran with nearly 15 years of diverse agency and corporate experience. As the VP of Agency Services for Team Sweeney, she oversees client services, including the accounts, creative and digital teams. Lisa joined the agency after a nine-year career in real estate development where she led the marketing efforts for more than eight million square feet of retail, office and residential properties. She started her career with Liggett Stashower, a former, leading Cleveland marketing agency, managing national accounts such as Forest City Commercial Development, Forest City Residential, Henkel Corporation, ShurTech Brands, The Dial Corporation and Preformed Line Products. Her work has earned more than 20 industry honors, including years of national recognition for retail marketing from the International Council of Shopping Centers. Lisa is a graduate of John Carroll University and holds a bachelor’s degree in communications.