Dead is Dead and LOST is Lost.

Okay, so once a year I indulge my inner child by talking about LOST. I am a fan bordering on being a fanatic. Have not missed an episode since the season premiere. Don’t know why. Can not explain it. Hooked.

Anyway, for anyone out there who is likewise or even remotely as interested as I am in this insanity (I blame it all on Shel Silverstein – Jimmy Jet and his TV Set), I want to go on record with my “reveal” of how the season and series will wrap itself up.

It’s 8:15 a.m. and Desmond Hume’s alarm clock is blaring. He awakens on his sailboat and joyfully calls out to Penny and little Charlie to let them know he is awake and ready to join them for breakfast. No reply. “Penny?” “Charlie?” Joy turns to surprise. “Penny.” Surprise turns to apprehension. “Penny! Charlie!” Apprehension turns to fear as Desmond reaches the deck, his head (and the camera) swirling. No one in sight. Desmond is alone. “PENNNNY!” “CHARLIEEE!”

Back on the island, Dark Locke and his band of mystified misfits attack the Temple. It is now clear that Flocke’s intent is to kill every living soul on the island… fight together, die alone. While Jack and Hugo are off at the lighthouse pondering Jack’s destiny, the battle royale is in full swing. Jin and Sawyer are along for the ride (caught up and clueless) until they spot their constants (Sun and Kate) and quickly move to protect them from the melee.

Back in the real world, Desmond goes to the only place he can go. Confronting Charles Widmore, who appears not to recognize Desmond and suggests that he has no idea who this “penny and baby Charlie” are… until Desmond mentions the island. “You know about the island?” Widmore asks. Desmond is frantic and frustrated and, well, lost. “Of course I know, you know I know.” Neither Desmond nor Charles appear to know that the “incident” has changed their fate as well. But they piece it together and Desmond is off immediately to do the one thing he and Charles have both failed to do for six years – destroy the island (follow a bearing of 325 degrees or 305 degrees).

Okay, this post (like season 6) is already getting too long.

Flocke wants to free himself from the island. Jacob wants to keep Flocke on the island. The Losties want to go home. Desmond and Widmore want to blast the damn island into oblivion. Where will the madness end as all the forces finally converge on the temple with different and opposing goals? And don’t forget, there is a sideways life going on back in the real world.

Sooner or later you have to make a choice. You can’t have it both ways. You either live in the real world or live in the “other” world. So Sawyer gets dead and Jin gets dead and Sun gets dead and Sayid gets dead and Claire gets dead and Ben gets dead, and they all live out the life they were meant to live back in Tustin, California.

It requires pure good to destroy pure evil, so Flocke gets taken out by Desmond.

As for Jack and Kate, it turns out Ms. Austen got pregnant on her last trip back home, and Jack is the man, so they must die in Tustin and spend their remaining days raising their family on the island… and Jacob and Ilana will be around – if only in spirit – should you need them.

Of course, this is all ridiculous conjecture – part science, part romance, mostly lunacy – and none of it is likely to happen this way. But what the heck, the series can only end once, anything that happens before that is just progress.

Jim Sweeney


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