Best Day & Time to Distribute New Product News Releases

What is the best day and time to distribute new product news releases to the traditional media?


By Jennifer Manocchio

We could spend hours giving different scenarios of when are the best days and times to distribute new product news releases because all situations are unique.  However, for the purpose of this blog and to keep the answer short and succinct, we’ll focus on products that could potentially be breaking news and me-to products.

If you are launching a new product that will truly be seen as breaking news (e.g. the Apple iPhone), send your news release immediately to the consumer and trade media.  There is no need to wait for a specific day or time to distribute breaking news.

On the other hand, if you are launching a me-to product (e.g. a new leather cleaner or mop), considering the day and time you distribute the release could help increase media interest and/or coverage.  The most important aspects to consider are what is going on in the news on that specific day or time and the media’s deadlines.

First, research any special events and special times of the year (holidays, national days/months like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Earth Day, spring cleaning, Mother’s Day, etc.) that can work in your favor.  If you have a new product you can associate with something timely, it can help get the media’s attention and increase media coverage.  For example, if you are launching a new leather cleaner, consider associating it with spring cleaning (assuming the product launch is scheduled around spring).

The opposite can be true as well.  Certain days and times can hinder coverage; therefore, research those potential pitfalls as well (e.g. industry trade shows, holidays, etc.).   For example, if you plan to launch a me-to leather cleaner at the International Home and Housewares Show (one of the biggest consumer products shows of the year), it is likely that the trade and consumer media will pass it right up.  There are just too many new product launches at the show to get attention for a me-to product.

Finally, consider the media’s deadline.  If you are targeting monthly consumer and trade media, consider the 3-6 month lead-time required.   Or if you are targeting a reporter that writes a weekly column, send him or her the news release in enough time to potentially get coverage when you are looking for it to appear.

As a general rule, the agency does not typically distribute news releases first thing on Monday mornings or at the end of the day on Friday (unless of course it is breaking news).  This helps us avoid getting caught in all the emails, faxes and voicemails received at the end the day on Friday, those that collected over the weekend and early Monday morning (especially if you are on Eastern Standard Time sending releases to West Coast media).

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Jim Sweeney


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