AMC Goes Social with DISH Network Dispute

Disagreements between networks and cable provides are commonplace. However, thanks to social media, the current dispute between AMC and DISH Network has now gone social.

DISH Network customers have been without AMC for two months. Rather than just sitting in the boardroom negotiating a contract, AMC put their marketing gears in motion. They launched a marketing campaign that enlists its brand advocates or “flag carriers” to go to battle for them.

Last month AMC launched a YouTube contest called “Hey DISH, Where’s my AMC?” The premise is simple… DISH Network customers (or anyone for that matter) can submit a video about how upset they are with DISH Network for dropping the network.

Video submissions have been rolling in and the contest ends today.  Below is one of the more popular videos with 900,000 views.

According to NPR: Since AMC was cut, DISH has lost some subscribers, though “it’s not quite a mass exodus,” says Sam Thielman, who covers television for AdWeek and has been closely following the dispute.

Whatever the outcome is, kudos to AMC for working quickly to rally the troops. Never underestimate your brand advocates and how you can enlist them to help you achieve your goals.

Jennifer Manocchio


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