You’ve Launched a Facebook Contest, Now What?

Conducting a Facebook contest is a fun way to engage followers, attract new followers and liven up a Facebook page. But, you cannot just expect the contest to run itself. It is important to have a strategy to help make the contest a success.

Following are some easy (and fun) ways to help promote a contest on a Facebook page.

  • Utilize the pinned post feature to keep posts about the contest at the top of the timeline. We suggest pinned posts incorporate a photo about the contest (e.g. an image similar to the banner from the contest page, an image describing the campaign, etc.).
  • When sharing images, consider using the highlight post feature to make the image appear larger on your timeline. For instance, if conducting a contest that requires a photo to enter, share some of the image entries paired with contest messaging.
  • Change the cover photo to contest imagery and incorporate a link to the contest in the caption blurb. This gives visitors more than one way to find the contest, as well as easy access to a link.
  • Share milestones (e.g. just reached 100 entries).
  • Incorporate rich media (photos or video) with a post about the contest to help the post show up in more news feeds. Consider sharing images of the prizes, submitted content, etc. to drive more engagement and excitement about the contest. It also helps to show that others are entering the contest for the skeptics out there!
  • Pull images from submissions and post to a contest photo gallery.
  • Cross-promote on other social media outlets and website! Depending on the scope of the contest, consider sharing the contest with media (e.g. press release, media alert, media invite).

Remember, when running a contest on Facebook, all Facebook accounts must follow the Facebook Promotion Guidelines. As always, we are here to help. Good luck!