Is Messaging Important In A PR Campaign?

8835909864_b19b841dea_mIf you want to really make an impact with your next marketing and public relations campaign, one of the first things you should do is put time and thought into quality messaging for your brand. Strong messaging, is an essential building block for campaigns and when repeated, has the potential to make a big impact on brand perception. Plus, it allows you to take control (or as much control as you can have) over the brand’s positioning in the marketplace.

While the lack of a distinct, well thought-out message can leave your audience confused or even uninterested in your brand, strong messaging can do just the opposite. Here are a few reasons that spending the time to develop quality messaging is important.

  1. Positioning the brand. Developing and documenting a simple, clear vision of what you want said about your company provides you with the opportunity to position the brand consistently throughout a campaign. This gives your audience a reason to be interested in your brand because it allows them the chance to understand what the brand is all about.
  1. Providing a basis for consistent copy. When developing campaign copy, having documented primary and secondary messaging makes it easier to repeat the brand’s message consistently. Messaging can then be re-purposed for print, digital and creative aspects of your PR campaign. Without messaging you risk a variety of different messaging being used in different copy, which can confuse your audience.
  1. Standing out in a crowded marketplace. The marketplace is crowded in many industries. So why risk getting lost when you can establish a message that could make your company stand out­ – and for all the right reasons? When your social, news releases, website and employees all reiterate the same message you have the chance to make a big impact on the marketplace.