Tis the Season for Facebook Contests

If you have never won something in your entire life… now is the time to try. In the midst of the holiday season, there are contests all over social media – and with good prizes!

We have many clients ask about social media contests and how to get them started. Among all of the social media platforms, Facebook seems to be the easiest, most organized way to host contest/sweepstakes promotions.

Following are some key considerations we take into account when crafting a Facebook contest.

1. Strategy. Don’t just do one-off campaigns. If you are going to invest some dollars in the prize to make it enticing to enter, then you want to get a solid return.

2. Prize Value. Make sure the payoff is worth the time to enter to the average visitor. Only offering a coupon instead of free goods? Forget it. Offer a grand prize that ties into your campaign.

3. Simplify. Make your entry quick and easy. Too many steps, instructions, complications deter many. If you want to add a component that may not be plain as day, provide examples for visitors to follow.

4. Cross Promote. You do not have to just rely on Facebook as a means to promote your contest. Consider posting to contest websites (yes, there are websites that just talk about sweepstakes, contests, etc.), communicating with relevant bloggers and media, and posting about it on your other communication channels (e.g. social media, e-newsletters, website).

Need some firm examples? Check out some of the following contests that are currently running on Facebook – one is our own client! Don’t forget to enter!

Chef’s Planet – Messy Recipe Contest
Country Inn & Suites – 12 Days of Country Contest
Marmot and GORE-TEX™ Getaway Sweepstakes

Make sure to check your favorite local business pages, too!