The Quest For Truth In Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing The term fake news may be new for most, but the concept of sensational news has been around since the Ancient Roman times. Social Psychologist John Yost presented at a PRSA event last week and dove into the complexities of truth and how it’s affecting our industry today. One issue that naturally arose was the relationship between influencer marketing and truth. How does using an influencer to represent/promote your brand affect the level of trust between you and your audience?

As a professional who is inspired by the recent impact of influencer marketing, I was intrigued by this pressing question. How do we build authentic relationships with influencers who will successfully convey our message? And how will these influencers help build trust between our brands and audiences? Here are three tips to consider when embarking on the journey of influencer marketing and the quest for truth.

  1. Allow the Stars to Align. In order to present an authentic message, you must partner with influencers whose lifestyles align with your brand. At the core of every successful influencer is a lifestyle that attracts an audience. Choose someone that is actually passionate about your product or cause because their audience knows them best and will be quick skeptics if your partnership is off message. Extensive research into the potential partnership will save your brand from losing credibility and money.
  2. Loosen the Reigns. After deciding which influencer is best for your brand, let them lead the way. This audience follows your influencer for a reason, so allow them the creative freedom to create content that will resonate with them. Influencer campaigns that are sure to fall flat are those that include pre-scripted messages or overly promotional content. Allow the influencer to truthfully tell their story with your brand and trust the process. No ad will be more impactful than an authentic story from a real brand ambassador.
  3. Don’t Look for the Quick Buck. The most successful influencer campaigns involve long- term relationships between brand and ambassador. The desire for quick results or fast money is what often leads to posts that lacks credibility or authenticity. Use influencers consistently instead of calling on a higher quantity to spread your message. Repetition leads to familiarity which has the potential to impact more audiences.

Truth and honesty will always win when it comes to building real relationships with your brand. In order to combat the dense fog of dishonesty and unauthentic influencer marketing be sure to research influencers whose lifestyles align with your brand, give them creative control and look for long-lasting relationships over one-and-dones.

Not ready to tackle this complexity on your own? Send our digital team a note and let us help you navigate the waters.