Sweeney Launches New Digital Marketing Service Amazon Accelerate

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Sweeney, a leading full-service agency, announces the launch of Amazon Accelerate™, a digital marketing service designed to drive Amazon sales. Amazon Accelerate™ employs strategy, design, content and data analysis to increase conversions on the Amazon platform.  

“Amazon Accelerate™ is a digital e-commerce marketing service designed to support and increase product sales on Amazon,” said Jennifer Manocchio, president of Sweeney. “It’s a critical tool for any organization selling products on Amazon and seeking to increase sales. Our goal is to optimize client’s Amazon return on investment through offering strategic support in utilizing the site’s capabilities.”  

 Amazon Accelerate™ includes basic, advanced and premium plans, as well as custom-designed services, including data-driven strategy development, content creation, reviews management, optimization, elimination of unauthorized resellers, digital advertising and more.  

 “Optimizing product listings on Amazon is critical for companies who desire to differentiate their products and increase sales,” says Rachel Dill, agency digital marketing manager. “Consider that Amazon already offers more than 560 billion products to more than 300 million customers worldwide. Equally important, for every dollar spent on e-commerce, more than half – 51 cents – is currently spent on Amazon. Understanding how to capture a fair share of these sales is paramount.” 

 To learn more about Amazon Accelerate™, contact Rachel Dill at 440-333-0001 ext. 102 or email at RachelDill@sweeney.agency.