Stay in the Fast Lane After the Holiday!

blogphoto-EKFor many corporations the whole year culminates with a large holiday marketing and media relations campaign. The end of the year is the perfect time to sit back and reflect on the hard work and success that was put into holiday campaigns that took countless hours to accomplish. But how can you keep the momentum moving into the dreary winter months?

  1. Reflect and learn from the past year’s efforts. Consider what worked and what didn’t work.
  2. Evaluate and assess why certain strategies were more successful than others. Take a moment to ask analytical questions about the past year’s campaigns and think through the potential reasons. This step will help you understand what is important to consider moving into the new year.
  3. Determine goals for the next year. What did you accomplish this year that you want to exceed next year? Determine what new accomplishes you want to achieve. Your company’s goals may adjust throughout the year, but developing a basic set of goals that you can measure throughout the year will help keep your marketing and media relations goals on the track to success.
  4. Strategize and develop a plan for the year ahead. Determine what tactics and strategies you need to implement during the next year. Outline what you will do with the strategies. This step will help guide you throughout the year, especially if you start to steer off track.
  5. Implement the plan. Take a breath and keep moving forward to be successful in 2016. Stay in the fast lane to get ahead. While many marketers tend to take things slow during the first months of the year, continuing to grow the momentum that you started during the holiday is the perfect way to get a jump start on accomplishing your goals.