2013 Could Be Pinteresting!

In 2012, many new social media platforms emerged – some more successful than others – and social media will continue to evolve in 2013. One social media platform that continues to grow steadily is Pinterest – which saw a growth of 4377% between May 2011 and May 2012, reported measurement firm comScore.

Following are some perks of Pinterest:

1. No-Hassle. Brands are able to push out content on their own time without constant updates and time stamps that Twitter and Facebook share with visitors. As long as there is quality, visual content on Pinterest, visitors will pin – pin – pin. Brands need to be sure to tag and categorize pins with keywords that help users find content. Organization is important.

2. Industry Focus
Pinterest has grown immensely with categories spanning multiple industries. Do not feel like your content will not be seen just because it does not breach more than one category. Create industry-specific boards that would be of interest to your audiences. Not sure where your pins fit? Put yourself in a user’s shoes. Run some searches on your own and see what categories and keywords are popping up for content similar to yours.

3. Inbound Links
The way Pinterest connects images with a URL makes it easy for users to visit original sources. These links boost SEO, as they are logged as inbound links. Take a survey of your web site to determine what is “pinnable” on your web site, or create new “pinnable” content to help drive this kind of traffic.

4. Expert Positioning
Just as with all social media – do not be entirely self-promoting. Use Pinterest as a way to share knowledge or experience in the industry. If you have more than one brand under your roof, utilize Pinterest’s open boards, which allow multiple users to pin to one board. If an important tradeshow is coming up, start and share a Tradeshow Must-Haves board that pins hotel and restaurant recommendations, activities in the area and handy smartphone apps. This does not have to be just product-speak! Have some fun with it.

Have you and your business used Pinterest? Share some of your Pinterest successes with us in the comments section!