Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: Show Floor Day 1

The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is hands down one of our favorite trade shows of the year. It brings together the most passionate outdoor enthusiasts to showcase and talk about the latest innovations.

While we’re at the show to meet with media and launch promotional activities for our own clients, we’re always on the prowl to experience the engaging and sometimes goofy marketing antics of other outdoor brands.


KeltKelty-Zombiesy is walking around walking dead-style. Its zombies wearing old packs followed closely behind the new backpack they have just launch, that you can fit in just 30-seconds. Zombies wondered the show floor with their leader to get people to take the 30-second challenge.




Coolmax really wants you to have new socks. Everywhere you look, you can’t missphoto 1[1] the opportunity to get free socks. From flyers at registration, tobanners around the show floor, Coolmax should have reigned you in. Coolmax asks you to take a quick survey at the booth, but then you are offered a selection of high-end foot wear (I chose Thorlos – Runner’s World’s Gear of the Year award-winner) that keep you cool and comfortable. Good data collection for Coolmax, great swag for show attendees.



photoMountain Khakis is swinging whiskey, and people.  Folks lined up for a shot of Wyoming whiskey and a free Mountain Khakis shot glass, while the Mountain Khakis team encouraged (and provoked) wild bull rides. The industry party always draws a large crowd, but this was one for the books. Entertainment at its finest.