Make the Sale – Know Your Customer

windowsalemanIt’s easy to assume your brand message is exactly what consumers want to know during a pitch. But that’s not always the case!

A window salesperson came to my house yesterday to sell me what he referred to as the best premium windows on the market. He then proceeded to bore me with an hour-long PowerPoint presentation including information that had nothing to do with what I needed to know to make an educated decision about purchasing new windows. After learning about the famous people who endorse the windows and how bad the competition is, I thought I would get to hear about the windows and the thousands of options I had to choose from.

A ridiculously high quote later and no visual of an actual window, I had no quality explanation, no quality information about the windows to compare and contrast and I wasn’t provided the option to determine what windows sounded like the best option for my house.

Bottom line is a fancy presentation will not convert to a sale if you don’t provide the information that your customer wants to know. Sometimes it’s all about the hard facts and sometimes it’s not. You’ll only know if you take the time to know and understand your consumer.

Oh… and providing a ridiculous quote after not providing the customer an opportunity to choose what they want to purchase doesn’t help either!

Know your customer…