Investigating Social Media: Vine

During the month of October, we are taking a look at social media services and breaking down their key attributes to introduce you to some of the latest players in the game. Click to learn more about the Investigating Social Media Services series.

While Vine is not necessarily new to the social media game, it is still in its infancy… but expanding rapidly. If you’re not familiar with Vine, it is a mobile app from Twitter that enables people to create and post six second clips to Twitter and/or Facebook. Brands are using it to promote new product, share how-tos, share events and even show-off fun times in the workplace!

Last week, Vine launched two new tools: Sessions and Timetravel.

  • Sessions: Enables saving drafts of unfinished posts. “Hallelujah!” for social media marketers, right? Now we can work on videos, and come back to finish them at a later time. The feature allows saving 10 drafts at once.
  • Timetravel: One very popular use of Vine is stop animation. Timetravel makes it even easier! The feature allows users to¬†remove, reorganize or replace shots within a post before publishing it.

Mashable has a great, short “how-to” using the new features: How to Get Started With Vine Sessions and Time Travel.

Interested in seeing what brands are doing on Vine? Check out some of my top picks:

1. Lowe’s #lowesfixinsix:

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