Intro to Mobile Marketing

mobile-marketingTake a look around… do you see anyone nowadays without a cell phone? It might as well be surgically attached to our hands. I admit, I’m a cell phone junkie. And as far as the obsession with texting… it’s not just tweens and teens anymore. It’s everyone.

Now, marketers have a device to get their message directly to consumers and literally in the palms of millions of hands. Mobile marketing is simply marketing on or with a mobile advice. Mobile marketing can mean anything from placing ads on mobile applications to sending online 2 way SMS chat, messages directly to a subscriber’s text message inbox.

Companies send announcements about sales, new deals, contests and more.  They can geo-target and really find a niche group of people to market to. For example, every week I receive a text message from RedBox about new movie releases in my local redboxes, or – if I’m lucky – a free rental code!

But marketers beware, there are FTC guidelines when it comes to mobile advertising and privacy. The FTC has a great culmination of resources from example “no-no’s” to guidelines for marketing through mobile technology. Check out the FTC’s news releases on mobile technology subject matter and start the conversation about how mobile marketing could benefit your next campaign.

Keep in mind that mobile is not the only marketing answer. But, integrated with other marketing strategies, it has the potential to pack a powerful punch.