Agency Interning

Why is Interning at an Agency a Must?

Interning at an agency Heading into this summer, I made it a mission of mine to intern at an agency. Many students dream of interning at large, well-known corporations, and while I think that is also a fantastic experience, my main goal this summer was to expand my marketing and public relations skillsets and industry knowledge.

Following are three reasons why Sweeney has been the perfect place to obtain this goal.

I’ve Been Able to Learn Something from Everyone

Although I am an account services intern, I have been involved in projects across different departments at Sweeney. In fact, the first project I was assigned involved an email marketing campaign for the digital department. Sweeney’s open environment has allowed me to interact with anyone and everyone. I’ve had the opportunity to learn firsthand from our president and our CEO, which would be very uncommon in a larger corporation.

I’ve Never Had a “Typical Work Day”

If you find yourself bored by routines, agency life is definitely for you! Although there are some projects we work on routinely, my day-to-day tasks have varied greatly at Sweeney. When working with clients, rush projects can come in at any time and priorities can change very quickly, so you always have to be on your toes. Some days I spend most of my time working on one project for a client, while other days my work is split between many different projects for many different clients. The work varies greatly from publicity and media relations, copy writing, influencer relations to email marketing, analytics and more.

I’ve Gained Experience in Multiple Industries

Throughout my time interning at Sweeney, the industries I have worked with range from quick serve restaurants to textile to lighting and technology. When I am looking for future opportunities, I now have a diverse background to make myself more marketable as an employee. Being exposed to different industries also allows you to develop preferences that will help you make future career decisions.

When looking for an internship, I highly suggest considering agency work. I have been able to work on a long list of projects in a short period of time and have gained a much better understanding of the public relations and marketing fields.

Thanks to Sweeney for giving me my first agency experience – I couldn’t have asked for a better internship!