Help Nepal: Donation Opportunities from the Outdoor Industry

It’s an understatement to say many were impacted due to the earthquake in Nepal. With more than 5,000 deaths reported, and destruction beyond belief – Nepal needs our help. And it doesn’t matter how you help, how much or what you contribute – even 50 cents could help!

To continue to help support relief efforts in Nepal, below is a round-up of how to help Nepal with donations and outdoor gear.

  • Mt. Everest Sherpas and climbers were caught in avalanches due to the earthquake. Sherpa Adventure Gear has set up a relief fund.
  • Mountain Hardwear and Black Diamond are encouraging consumers to donate to the American Himalayan Foundation.
  • Keen is raising money for Mercy Corps. Help them reach their goal of $20,000. If they reach their goal, another $10,000 will be added for a total of $30K+ to relief efforts.
  • The OIA recommends Direct Relief. Here is a Q&A Direct Relief’s CEO on Reddit, answering questions where he answers questions about relief efforts in Nepal.

PBS has a helpful run-down of other options too.  And NPR has a good need-to-know article to read before making a donation. According to media, the biggest need right now is water, shelter and food.