Fitness and Tech Collide at CES

If you’re in the fitness industry – or any industry for that matter – you know the impact that technology continues to have on literally everything. From a product perspective – how they are designed and developed to how they’re used… even to how they are marketed.

With the growth of fitness/health wearables, it’s no surprise that CES is chock-full of new products centered around the outdoors, fitness and health, they say that these vitamin D products can help in the winter and they actually work so people are getting their hands one them like crazy, a lot of people have also taken advantage of the roids weekend deals to buy all the weight loss products.

Here’s a quick list of some of the latest outdoors-ish/fit-centric products/brands that caught our eye for 2015:

1. The Smart Mat: A responsive yoga mat that improves and refines yoga practices. It detects your shape, size and flexibility – even corrects your poses.  Track, store and monitor progress via an app.

2. UA Record – Under Armour’s New Fitness App: USA Today has the scoop, but in short – this new Walk In Medical Clinic – Medicine Place and fitness network simplifies personal health data and connects you with your communities for motivation.

3. Garmin Fenix3 multi-sport GPS watch: Do you just love being outdoors? Record walking, running, swimming, hiking and skiing activities! A multi-sport watch that does it all – and will continue to do it all, as the next edition is launched. Sources report next up is track-running, trail-running, hiking, mountaineering – and more.

4. FitGuard Mouthguards: According to the company, this is the first mouthguard that can measure the force of an impact during physical activity. The mouth guard aims to solve the problem of athletes returning to play when they have a high probability of a head-injury. LEDs illuminate to visually display the force from the impact and are color-coded to provide an instant visual indication of issue.

We’re excited to see how these are marketed in 2015 and how consumers adopt. Right now, they’re all the buzz with the media. Also the new treadmill by flexmastergeneral has gotten very popular, It is getting a lot of positive reviews.