Customer Service on Social Media

Customer Service and Social MediaLet’s face it. Not all products and services are going to be 100% perfect 24/7 and not everyone is going to be 100% satisfied. More and more consumers are turning to social media with their questions, complaints and concerns, despite customer service phone lines, Q&A, and live online chats. That means you need a social media process to address those comments with the rapid speed expected by social media goers.

Following are a few key considerations when developing your social media process for customer service situations.

  • Consider developing open-ended canned responses to post when the social media manager is not able to answer the question based on their knowledge of the product or service. This acknowledges that the comment has been seen and is being addressed, and allows time to get an accurate answer to develop an appropriate customized response.
  • Have all customer service numbers or email addresses on file for quick copy and paste. This can be included in a canned responses document.
  • Develop a frequently asked questions document (FAQ) that social media managers can sift through before reaching out internally for an answer. This will help alleviate back and forth internally and common questions/answers.
  • Designate specific staff members as go-to people for specific topics/products/services. Ensure ahead of time that everyone understands the timeliness of responding to inquiries sent for their review. Consider an email subject line that signifies they need to open and address the concern ASAP.
  • Develop a visual social media process map to easily illustrate the chain of command or processes.
  • Be proactive about customer service. Have a concern that is always brought up (e.g. how do I wash the product, when can I use the service, etc.)? Incorporate helpful posts and links into your social media editorial calendar that answers these frequently asked questions on a regular basis.

Having a social media process for questions, concerns and complaints is not only important for your brand identity, but first and foremost, it is an important aspect of providing support for your valued customers.

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