Another Google+ Redesign

Another Google+ RedesignStarting today, your Google+ is getting a makeover. Ever since its inception, Google+ has fought hard to catapult its popularity (190 million active users) beyond Facebook (1 billion active users) and Twitter (300 million active users) – and has yet to do so. Google is hoping its continuous improvements will help.

What will you see?

1. A multi-column layout that can enable better viewing across devices (mobile, tablet, computer) that have different screen sizes. In our personal opinion… taking the Pinterest design approach.

2. New hashtag capabilities that corral text and images with related content. This way, your connections can see related content all at once. Auto tags can be removed or replaced.

3. A suite of photo editing tools and a identification tool that features your best, most important photos – eliminating duplication uploads or poor picture quality. Additionally, your storage space will increase to 15GB.

4. Hangout will now save all on-record conversations as history, allowing users to access it anytime.

What does this mean for businesses?

Google is simply enhancing the way businesses and consumers can use Google+ more efficiently. Now, industry content that is posted by a business can reach consumers through more accurate categories. Additionally, more visual content can be shared with the space increase.

Are you using Google+ for business? Consider exploring its use not only for promoting your business, but for keeping things organized. Use Google+ hangouts to brainstorm with colleagues and clients, or even incorporate hangouts in contests (e.g. Enter to hangout with…) or as webinars (e.g. Join us for our marketing 101 hangout!). Check out industry-relevant hashtag feeds to see who is talking about what. Keep track in Google Docs and share with your circles. It’s all about collaboration!