An Extinction Event

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 4.53.48 PM[Extinction – a widespread and rapid decrease in the amount of life on Earth. Such an event is identified by a sharp change in the diversity and abundance of multicellular organisms.]

Last night I picked up the stack of Christmas cards that arrived in the mailbox (the real mailbox, not the one in Outlook) and I noticed it was much thinner than in previous years. I took this as a sign of the times. It’s a digital world, and handwritten cards are becoming a thing of the past.

In one way, it’s extremely nice that people are able to communicate so quickly. But it is also impersonal. Long-gone are the days of remembering to send a birthday card a week in advance. In today’s world, a quick text anytime before 11:59 pm suffices for most people. In fact, it is not even necessary to remember birthdays because social media does it for you.

However, there is something about a handwritten card around the holidays that I will really miss. I always found it exciting to come home and open cards that were sent from different states and even countries. There is just something so personal about holding a card that someone hand wrote and mailed to you. It’s even more upsetting to think that the unique handwriting of family and friends is also becoming extinct.

And to be honest, I am as guilty as the next person for taking advantage of all the digital shortcuts. Although, when it comes to thank-you cards, I plan on sticking to handwritten letters. It might be easier to express gratitude by firing off a quick e-mail or text message, but it certainly isn’t more thoughtful.

Time is at a premium; perhaps moreso now than ever before. But taking the time to handwrite a card will never go unnoticed.