Ad Choices vs. Ad Dollars

Inundated with media kits, phone calls and too many choices for your ad dollars? Take a deep breath. Allocating your advertising dollars is not about applying some mathematical formula. It’s about your overall goals for your ad campaign, what you want to accomplish with your ads, and who you want to reach… and how much money you have to spend.

Keep in mind there are endless advertising possibilities out there, especially now in the digital age. The biggest mistake you can make is spreading yourself too thin.

1. Depending on your goals, advertising may involve a mix of online and print media. But with diversification comes the risk of spreading yourself  – and your budget – thin.

2. Do your research. Don’t take ad proposals at face value. Explore all offerings using media kits, and if it’s a publication, make sure to request a BPA statement to confirm circulation and target audience.

3. Consider testing competitive outlets and media using the same creative. Track the results and see what was more effective.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask for something different – or even ask for more. Proposals aren’t the end-all be-all. Many ad reps are willing to work with you and your budgets to help meet your needs. Oftentimes they are also willing to use test campaigns as a way to secure long-term commitments.