6 Tips to Secure National Consumer Media Deskside Meetings

realsimpleThe ever-changing media industry has made deskside meetings more and more difficult to secure. But in-person meetings can be invaluable. Sweeney recently conducted deskside meetings in New York City with more than a dozen editors and editorial assistants at key consumer publications, including: Real Simple, Good Housekeeping and This Old House.

But how does an agency in Cleveland cut through all of the clutter to get noticed and secure valuable time with editors?

1. Have something to say. Personal relationships are wonderful, but a good story or a good idea is even better. Want to get an editor’s attention? Tell them something they don’t – but want to – know.
2. Target the right contacts. Do your research and know the right people you should be meeting with. The media will appreciate that you have done your homework.
3. Develop a meeting invitation. Keep it short and to the point while showing the value your meeting will provide each contact.
4. Remember that relationships are a two-way street. Just as you are looking to do your job well to promote your brand, editors are trying to do their jobs well. Finding a way to show editors that your brand can help them do their job helps create a give and take opportunity.
5. Follow up. While many editors are not interested in receiving phone calls (or simply don’t have the time), it is not uncommon for these busy writers to miss your first, second or even third email, so be persistent… without being too annoying.
6. Be flexible. Editors are pressured to develop more and more content for their print and digital platforms. Don’t expect it to be easy to fit everyone you want to meet with into your schedule. And then when you arrive at the meeting, don’t be surprised if one or more of your contacts are not able to attend as planned.

With a good story, persistence, flexibility and value for the media, deskside meetings can be secured to help create opportunities for everyone.