5 Ways to Best Utilize Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

Admit it, if it weren’t for social media giving you daily reminders about people you went to college with, you’d forget half of them even existed. Well, take notes because the same goes for marketing your business on social media! Sharing Instagram stories is perfect for gently nudging your followers to say “hey, it’s us again!” without posting on your feed daily. Some might think it’s not worth investing time into Instagram stories. We get it… They go away in just 24 hours, but there are still ways you can optimize how impactful your Instagram stories can be, especially if you do it right.

Stories are a great way to keep a diary of all of your proudest moments, like that time your business won an award, attended an insightful conference or held an ugly sweater contest in the office. If you haven’t figured this out already, you can showcase these moments by organizing them into highlights which are displayed at the top of your profile. It’s good to keep these highlights in mind when posting stories. Ask yourself: “What highlight could this story fit into?” The more the merrier. By saving your story to a highlight, your memories last forever!

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Here are 5 ways to optimize Instagram stories to promote your business:

1. Have a little fun!

While we know you try to be as professional as possible on all social sites, don’t be afraid to show off your fun side on Instagram, especially on your stories. Stories are a way to say, “we’re human, too!” For instance, we all hate Mondays but really enjoy that Monday morning coffee to give us a good boost before the start of a long week. Show it off! I think we can all agree that we are fascinated by latte art. Office dogs… Who doesn’t love them? It’s fair to say that office dogs are becoming part of the culture in some businesses, and we can’t get enough! (Shout out to our favorite furry coworkers, Tank and Bella.) Anyone would agree that dog posts are quality content. Hosting a costume contest for Halloween? Definitely worth documenting – and don’t forget to post who won!

2. Stick to your brand.

While we are advocates for showing off your fun side, we also agree that you should be mindful of your brand. Utilizing social media is a great way to remind your followers of your brand. Work your color scheme and typography into your posts, even if you’re just sharing a quote of the day. Create a pattern for your posting schedule. For example, every Thursday, we like to post our latest creative projects on our feed. We then utilize our story to share our creative post at around the same time every week. We also share our latest blog every Thursday! This gives consumers something to look forward to and adds on to the uniqueness of your brand.

3. Let your team shine.

Your team members are a direct reflection of who you are as a business, so why not showcase some of the best qualities about them? Show your employees that you are proud to share who is behind the hard work that goes in to every project.  This, in turn, will give your followers a taste of what it’s like to work with your team and help them understand the unique qualities about individual members. Your support and involvement with your team members on social media adds the perfect touch to your content and gives your followers an inside look of your business’ every day life.

4. Show off your credentials! 

Attending a trade show soon? Speaking at a conference? Won an award? Don’t be shy… Tell your audience! It’s helpful to share this information with your followers and other businesses to keep them in the loop. While other businesses are your competitors, there are times when we need to stick together. Sharing your experiences at a trade show might be helpful for other businesses who are considering attending. There might be a chance to meet up with others in the industry at the conference and that could lead to a new partnership or a way to share ideas. It’s always fun to share event hashtags to be a part of something “big.” The same goes for winning an award. Show off your collection and show that you are proud of your team and the quality they put into their projects.

5. Be creative.

Yes, we know you hear this all too much. However, being creative is one of the best ways to set yourself apart! How does your business best showcase their creativity? Is it through photography, cute little doodles, wordplay? This is what pulls the previous four tips together. You can’t have a little fun, stick to your brand, show off your clients, or show off your credentials without being creative. That artsy photo of your morning latte is nothing without your creative eye, neither is your brand, and so on. Instagram is the platform where you can go all out and really show your followers who you are as a business. Post quirks that make you unique. Documenting your office space is also a way to show off who you are as a business. These are all things that make you stand out among the rest and helps your audience get to know you.

Remember, there are so many ways to be creative and so many reasons why you should keep your audience in the loop with your Instagram stories! Just as I mentioned above, your followers follow you for a reason. They want your content. Give it to them by utilizing your stories and adding to your highlights so that your awesome memories last forever.

Jennifer Mabes

Jennifer has a unique skill set with experience in B2B and B2C marketing, public relations, social media and graphic design. Applying a holistic view of marketing, she supports clients on all fronts from digital marketing to publicity and media relations, events and serves as a liaison between our internal creative department and our account/digital teams to ensure clients’ brands and key messages resonate across all platforms. A graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, she’s also the voice behind the agency’s social media accounts.