5 Tips For Reviving Your Email Marketing

As social media becomes a stronger opponent in the DM space, many companies may find themselves questioning if marketing through email is worth their time. But a recent study reveals that 99% of people still check their email every day, suggesting that email marketing isn’t quite yet dead (HubSpot). 

Considering the increased use of multiple social media platforms by millennials as they take on the next generation of marketing, this conclusion about email may seem unlikely. But, according to Hubspot, 73% of millennials actually prefer marketing through email over other tactics.  

So, what’s the deal? 

Email allows your business to not only reach preexisting audiences but prospects too. For example, many companies will offer a “join the newsletter” option presented on their websites. With this, you’re able to reach people who are actually interested in your product or service and, in return, pay more attention to the information you’re sharing. 

And get this: the global market for email marketing is expected to continue to increase in value, reaching $17.9 billion in coming years according to Statista.  

To be perfectly clear, social media marketing is on fire, and the flames continue to grow. but there is still a lot of life in email marketing. As Optinmonster, puts it, “email marketing is awesome for generating leads, driving sales and increasing customer retention.” 

Keep it fresh 

Keep your marketing alive with a few tips from HubSpot: 

  1. Make your subject lines personal (yeah, I’m talking to you)
  2. Don’t ignore GDPR standards (follow the rules) 
  3. Use mobile-friendly templates (don’t just phone it in)
  4. Update your email design (keep. Up or they’ll opt out)
  5. Strategically use metrics (9 out of 10 users agree) 

Even if you currently get very little interaction with your emails and newsletters, it’s worth reviving and retesting. One good email campaign might change the entire future of your company. 

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Courtland Bartosik

Marketing Intern

Courtland is a freshman at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursing a degree in Media and Journalism with a minor in Data Science.